Bay Area Museum - A Beautiful Setting For Your Next Special Event

Panoramic View of Fletcher Hall

The Bay Area Museum houses many treasures of Clear Lake, Seabrook, and the surrounding area. Some items are expected for the region, such as our collection of NASA memorabilia, but others are surprising. Webster has a strong Japanese connection which is documented with the Saibara family collection. The land around the museum and the neighboring buildings is also an important archeological site. Karankawa Indians built a midden on the shore of Clear Lake, relics of which are housed in a display case custom-painted by local artist Roseann Frazier. As the primary benefactor of the Lunar Rendezvous Festival, the Bay Area Museum boasts a large collection of festival paraphernalia, including the robe the first queen donned in 1966.

The Bay Area Museum Guild, an organization with nearly 200 members, maintains the museum. The Guild is dedicated to promoting an awareness of the museum, its facilities, functions and needs throughout the community.


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