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Join the Bay Area Museum Guild

Interested in volunteering? The museum is always looking for individuals to share their love of history and its preservation with the general public. From serving on the BAMG board of directors to bringing snacks for monthly meetings, there are numerous ways to help the museum in its mission.


The purpose of the Guild shall be to oversee the operations of the Bay Area Museum. Although the Guild is a separate entity, and shall be separate from the Museum, the membership shall provide volunteer services and financial support to the programs and activities of the Bay Area Museum. The Guild shall, at all times, maintain a close and continuous working relationship with Lunar Rendezvous Festival, Inc. and the Museum staff to promote the purposes of the Bay Area Museum.


There are four types of Guild memberships: Active, Sustaining, Corporate and Lifetime.

  • Active: $45  Active members of the Guild shall serve on a committee of choice, shall promote the interests of the Guild, participate in Guild projects and support Guild aims.
  • Sustaining: $60  Sustaining membership in the Guild shall be open to those individuals who contribute annually to the Guild and who wish to support the activities of the Guild without obligatory participation.
  • Corporate: $100  Corporate membership shall be open to corporations contributing annually to the Guild.
  • Lifetime: Lifetime membership shall be open to those individuals who make a one-time contribution to the Guild of $500.00 or upon recommendation by the Executive Committee.


The Museum Association benefits from many generous contributions from our community that enables our organization to preserve and interpret more than a century of Texas history. We hope that you will consider a gift to benefit your Museum and the community it serves.


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